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Katya, 25, Russian.
Huge fan of Merlin and Hannibal.
Here you also can find Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead and different - mostly random - stuff as well. Hardcore Merthur, Brolin & Hannigram shipper. You are really welcome to ask me anything if you want to, I appreciate it.

"i do like playing villains if they are dualistic. if they have, like the two sides of the coin, and that goes for good guys as well. you have to find the flaws the mistakes in the good guys. and you have to find something likable and interesting about the bad guy." [x]

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there are 5 million things wrong with BBC Merlin but there’s also Colin Morgan and some decent character development (for some characters) not to mention dragons and sword fights and magic so I stick around anyway

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